Winteam500 law group has a professional team of certified public accountants, auditors, and asset assessment lawyers who can provide professional Chinese tax and legal services to domestic and foreign clients.

      [Business Scope]

        Optimize the tax structure of the customer's business transactions, project operations and layout;

        Provide legal consult and legal advice on customs duties, resource taxes, value-added tax, business tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, tax incentives, and other tax issues encountered during the operation of the customer;

        Represent clients in tax affairs with the tax authorities;

        Assist clients in handling tax cases and other disputes.

      [Corporate Credit Management]

        Yinghe enterprise credit management services were led by lawyer Zheng Jijun, who was the creator of “credit management legal service”. Since 2000, he started theoretical research and service practice. After more than ten years of precipitation and accumulation, he has achieved the most complete and leading enterprise in China. The credit management and service system can provide full, comprehensive and in-depth service guarantees for transaction security.

        The "three by three credit management model" is the core theory and technology identity of the Yinghe Credit Management Team. It is a multi-level demand for our collective enterprise marketing, customer management, contract management, financial management, process management, legal risk management and corporate governance, meticulous research and development of corporate credit risk integrity solutions.

        “Three-by-three enterprise credit management model” means three phases: signing, fulfilling, and collecting funds according to all transactions, and focusing on the three tasks of customer management, contract management, and process management, and complying with the following three basic principles: Risk prevention, risk control, risk disposal measures taken.

      The services that can be provided to customers in the enterprise credit management business include:

      [Credit investigation]

       (In the following cases, it is recommended that companies conduct credit check for customers.)

       For the first time, credit transactions with customers or major transactions with customers;

       Credit annual inspection, or more than one year did not conduct credit checks on customers;

       The client requested a substantial increase in credit lines and credit terms;

       The client has significant investment, financing, asset disposal behavior;

       Major changes have taken place in the customer organization structure, management structure, and operating structure;

       Major changes have taken place in the client's business strategy, business model, and business content;

       Significant changes have occurred to customer shareholders, managers and staff;

       Serious problems or obstacles occurred in the operation of customers, or major business activities were frustrated or failed;

       The turbulence and disputes within the customer organization, or abnormal business conditions and transactions;

       The customer has lost the trust, overdue payment behavior, or the possibility of dishonesty or overdue payment;

       The client has illegal or criminal behavior or has the possibility of illegal or criminal activities.

      [Credit Training]

        (In the following cases, it is recommended that the company conduct training for credit management personnel at the appropriate time)

        Never, or for a long time, no credit training for employees;

        When new employees enter the job, they need to install awareness of risks and improve their skills.

        Increased external or internal credit risk requires warning education;

        The increase in the incidence of industry or business requires the development of corresponding training and rectification.

        Plans to introduce and establish credit management mechanisms or strengthen credit systems;

        Initially established credit system, credit policy, and letter control department;

        Make adjustments to credit systems, credit policies, credit models, and credit instruments;

        Other situations require training.

      [Risk Diagnosis]

        (In the following cases, it is recommended that companies conduct credit risk diagnosis in a timely manner)

        Never, or for a long time, no risk diagnosis of the system;

        The credit risk of the industry or company increased, and the incidence rate increased;

        The account is overdue, or the customer exists or has credit risk, and it needs to start the risk warning;

        Mistakes in the course of the transaction, when it is necessary to formulate a response plan;

        Major transactions and cooperation projects require the preparation of risk prevention plans;

        Plan to introduce, establish a credit management mechanism, or optimize the mechanism;

        Need to produce and optimize corporate credit policies, credit systems, workflow, and text management;

        Major adjustments are made to the organizational structure, management structure, and business structure of the enterprise;

        Major adjustments are made to the company’s business strategy, business model, and business content.

        Other situations require risk diagnosis.

      [Account Collection]

        (In the following cases, it is recommended that companies seek timely assistance from external professional agencies to collect payments.)

        Fault of performance or defect of evidence;

        Rights and obligations disputes occurred;

        Deterioration of the customer's operating conditions or loss of business reputation;

        The client is obsessed with the performance of debt or has a malicious tendency to flee;

        The total amount of overdue accounts is large or the overdue time exceeds six months;

        The customer's whereabouts are unknown or subject to loss;

        The customer has improperly transferred property, dumped goods, waived rights, etc.;

        Exceeding of statute of limitations or other statute of limitations;

        Other conditions affecting collections occur.

      [Credit counseling]

        (The following situations suggest that companies choose our experts to give credit management guidance)

        Carry out or expand credit transactions;

        Develop and design new credit products or trading models;

        Establish a credit management system or establish a credit management team;

        Formulate, update and optimize credit policies and credit systems;

        Design, card, standardize, and improve departmental work processes;

        Develop, update, upgrade, and optimize credit management tools;

        Make and update credit management texts;

        Write and update credit management software;

        Other situations require credit counseling.

      [Credit Advisor]

        (The following circumstances suggest that the company hires a credit consultant to provide management support)

        No credit management department or personnel;

        Can not be competent authorities or personnel;

        The conditions for the establishment of relevant functional departments or positions are not yet available;

        The conditions for conducting comprehensive and full credit management are not yet available;

        Subject to conditions, functional departments or personnel cannot complete all work;

        It can only be done by an external agency, or it can be more favorable through outsourcing;

        Projects, major transactions or higher risks;

        Other situations require credit management consultants.

      [Our performance]

       Commissioned by a certain insurance company in Taiwan to do a credit investigation on one of its customers, and reminded the insurance company to start protection measures as soon as possible. The company effectively avoided losses due to timely measures;

       Entrusted by one of the world's top 500 companies, the company conducts 1-2 credit trainings per year for the company. The content of the lectures has received unanimous favorable comments. The company has been engaged for credit management training for companies and dealers for 10 consecutive years.

       Entrusted by a certain company, the company provides credit counseling for the company. Through early, mid-term and late-stage counseling, the company's risk control capability has been significantly improved, and cases filed with lawyers have been reduced year by year;

       After a multinational company acquired a private enterprise in China, it found that the company's credit management problems were relatively large. It entrusted us with credit counseling services. We completed the work of credit consultants for two years and assisted the company in establishing a full-time credit management department. Corporate credit management issues were obtained and it got significant improvement;

       The proportion of overdue receivables and bad debts of a domestic-funded enterprise was too high, and we were entrusted to conduct enterprise risk diagnosis and formulate a solution. The company adopts a lawyer program to collect accounts and build a corporate credit system. After three years, the business problems were solved, and the profit rate has increased significantly.

       A state-owned enterprise has arrears of 5 million, which is entrusted by the creditor to advance the collection of accounts. Before the lawyer intervenes, it deeply understands the situation of the debtor company. After the intervention in the negotiation, it grasps the important property clues of the debtor company and supplements the important evidence required for litigation; After the evidence were obtained, pressure is exerted on the debt company. The debt company compromises and pays the amortization of debts;

       A dealer owes $1 million to the brand company. The company has entrusted us with payment collection. The lawyer debt company negotiates with the debtor to explain to the debtor that it is impeding its business operation, forcing the debtor to accept the debt company’s compensation standard and return it once with all arrears;

       Debt companies stopped operating due to shareholder disputes and owed 2 million yuan. After receiving the case, the lawyer exerted pressure on the shareholders through the factual circumstances it had obtained and eventually repaid.

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