Energy & Environment

      Yinghe Energy and Environmental Protection has a professional team with the background of government environmental protection departments and mineral energy companies, and is committed to environmental protection, investment in minerals and energy projects, energy conservation, green new energy development and other businesses. The team has been widely recognized by customers in the energy and environmental protection industry based on the principle of putting customer interest and customer demand at first place.

      Our services to customers in the energy and environmental protection business include:

        Environmental protection

        Environmental protection department, environmental protection company legal advisor;

        Provide environmental protection legal opinion for investment project;

        Deal with establishment, signing and performance of environmental protection construction projects;

        Provide enterprise environmental impact assessment and environmental pollution prevention and control;

        Deal with disputes on environmental pollution damages;

        Environmental administrative license hearing, administrative reconsideration and litigation;

        Destroy environmental crimes.


        Full-scale legal services for large-scale energy projects (wind energy, electric energy, etc.);

        Provide full legal services for CDM;

        Contract energy management;

        Provide legal services for technical trading;

        Provide legal services for Energy company intellectual property issues.

      [mineral resources]

        Mineral project investment;

        Mineral enterprise mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganizing;

        Mining enterprises reverse merger, private equity, overseas listing;

        Mineral rights legal affairs of mineral enterprises;

        Mineral resources company litigation or arbitration.

      [Energy conservation and emission reduction]

        New energy company, energy service company legal adviser;

        Contract energy management project legal protection scheme design;

        Contract energy management project legal argumentation and consultation;

        Risk identification and prevention of contract energy management projects;

        Contract energy management project contract review;

        Contract energy management project financial incentive fund application;

        Contract Energy Management Project Financing;

        Contract energy management project tax preferential policy consultation.

       [Public interest litigation]

        Environmental pollution public interest litigation;

        Major disaster public interest litigation.

      [Our performance]

        Acted for Chongqing Tongliang Co., Ltd. environmental pollution public interest litigation cases;

        Provided annual legal counsel for Suzhou Coal Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

        Provided legal services for the development, construction and operation of the environmental engineering projects (chemical parks, municipal landfills, and sewage treatment) of the People's Government of Hunchun County, Hubei Province;

        Hunan Chuangda Vanadium and Tungsten Co., Ltd. Case of disputes over compensation for damage caused by cadmium metal in rice;

        Acted for a company to buy 50 million yuan in minerals shares transfer agreement dispute.

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