Corporate Business

      Winteam is composed of senior lawyers, certified public accountants, certified tax agents, and human resources professionals. It can provide clients with general and comprehensive corporate legal services, including corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and operations, taxation, labor, personnel, competition, anti-monopoly, cultural creativity, etc., in order to maximize the protection of the company, investors, employees and corporate stakeholders the overall interests.

      The services that can be provided to customers in the company's business include:

       [Company basic business]

        Corporate governance and compliance consultation;

        Corporate contract management;

        Corporate legal risk management;

        Corporate legal counsel;

        Company equity transaction;

        Corporate mergers and reorganizations;

        Corporate bankruptcy and liquidation;

        Enterprise restructuring listing.



        Tax Planning;

        Corporate tax department effectiveness;

        Tax Audit Risk Management;

        Organizational structure and tax effectiveness financing;

        Tax dispute resolution;

        M&A transactions;

        Structure planning before mergers and acquisitions;

        Enterprise listing tax issues technical support;

        Corporate tax inspection.

       [Competition and Antitrust]

        Unfair competition disputes;

        Domestic and foreign enterprises applying for anti-monopoly administrative licenses;

        Large-scale consolidation of anti-monopoly administrative license applications by domestic companies;

        Civil and commercial compensation in antitrust cases;

        Antitrust investigation;

        Antitrust advisory and legal opinion;

        Anti-monopoly law lectures and training.

      [Stakeholder related]

        Investment agreement;

        Articles of association

        Equity incentives;

        Equity financing;

        Equity transfer.

      [Cultural and creative industries]

        Film and television media, network technology, animation games, multimedia, publishing and other cultural and industrial policy consulting;

        Cultural and Creative Enterprise Intellectual Property Management and Protection;

        Cultural performances, sports events, exhibitions;

        Professional talent brokerage;

        Cultural and creative industry investment and financing;

        Cultural and business restructuring and mergers and acquisitions

      [Labor Law]

        Labor legal adviser;

        Labor contracts, competition restrictions agreements, confidentiality agreements, training service agreements, human resources management documentation;

        Help revise employee manuals and rules and regulations;

        Performance incentive plan;

        Layoff plan design;

        Labor law training;

        Labor arbitration and litigation;

        Labor law risk medical examination.


        Labor Contract;

        Business contract;

        Economic contract

        Contract of carriage

        Custody contract;

        Warehouse contract.

      [Our performance]

       Provided legal advisory services for the China Film Industry Forum;

       Provided legal services for Suning Electric Co., Ltd.;

       Advised Bona Film Group on its legal services;

       Provided legal advisory for China Gezhouba Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Engineering Group Co., Ltd.

       Provided legal advisory for Suzhou Sucheng Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd.

       Provided legal advisory services for Poly Real Estate;

       Provided legal counsel for Chow Tai Fook;

       Provided legal advisory services for Blue Sky Rescue International;

       Provided legal advisory for China Merchants Logistics Group Shenyang;

       Provided full legal services for a company's Hongqiao International Plaza commercial project;

       Advised Liaoning Sanxian Mutual Investment Co., Ltd. on legal consulting services;

       Provided special legal services for the bankruptcy liquidation of Huaguang Guangmei Electronics Co., Ltd.;

       Provided special legal services for Dongfeng Motor’s equity liquidation project;

       Provided special legal services for Wuhan Iron & Steel (Group) Company in asset mergers and acquisitions and equity mergers and acquisitions;

       Provided legal services for Television Network Protection Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong TVB) Mainland China film and television works series of network rights defense litigation;

       Provided overall equity transfer legal services for Shanghai No. 108 Land Project Company;

       Provided special legal services for Shanghai's first postdoctoral and employer unit in case of disputes over competition restrictions;

       Provided special legal services for a case in which a certain number of the world’s top 500 companies and Shi’s competition restriction disputes;

       Advised a well-known foreign bank in dismissing a foreign high-level employee labor dispute case with serious disciplinary violations;

       Acted for a well-known home appliance giant to resign and dismiss senior management labor dispute cases with serious dereliction of duty;

       Provided legal services for the dismissal of a labor dispute case in China by a foreign-funded enterprise;

       Provided logistics and vehicle special legal services for Tianjin Mass Transportation Management Office and other units.


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