International Trade

      The international business department of Winteam500 law group brings together outstanding lawyers who have integrated international trade, international investment legal knowledge, and practical experience. They have the ability to provide legal services in a variety of foreign languages, and they have a good relationship of cooperation with multinational law firms in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In cooperation with foreign lawyers, Winteam500 law group has provided numerous domestic and foreign clients with numerous civil and commercial lawsuits, consultations, and special legal services involving Chinese and foreign laws, and has accumulated rich practical experience in international legal business.

      [Business Scope]

        Anti-dumping, anti-trust and anti-unfair competition investigations;

        Overseas investment and financing of domestic enterprises, innovative financial transactions, assisting overseas institutions to bid for and dispose of non-performing assets in China;

        Legal advice related to the WTO;

        International Trade Dispute Litigation, Arbitration;

        Structural design of investment plans;

        Domestic approval of cross-border investment;

        Coordinate relations with various partners;

        Control legal risks;

        Participate in project negotiations;

        Drafting Chinese and foreign legal documents;

        Deal with different jurisdictional laws conflict and provide solutions.

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