Winteam500 law group’s insurance professional lawyer team has accumulated experience in insurance legal services for more than ten years. It has extensive on-site surveys, damages, and adjustments, and has negotiated experience with insurance companies and insurance appraisers, and can integrate various expert resources and applications. And it can use professional knowledge and practical experience, optimize and design various types of corporate property insurance plans, handle various complex insurance claims matters, and provide clients with all-round high-quality special projects such as insurance risk review, corporate property insurance claims compensation, transportation company traffic accident compensation risk management, etc. Winteam500 law group’s legal services are occupying a leading position in domestic insurance area.

        [Business Scope]

        Insurance risk review

        Free Insurance Policy inspection;

        Insurance plan design;

        Insurer insurance basic knowledge training;

        Commissioned insurance purchases.

        Corporate Property Insurance Claims

        Responsibility determination;

        Damage assessment;

        Pre-judgment claims risk;

        Insurance claims negotiation;

        Insurance contract dispute resolution.

        Transportation company traffic accident compensation risk management

        Safety officer management;

        Insurance assessment;

        legal service.

      [major clients]

        China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        China Pacific Life Insurance Company;

        Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        Taiping Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        SINO Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        American AIA Insurance Co., Ltd.

        Manulife-Sinochem Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

        Pacific-Antna Life Insurance Company


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