Criminal Proceedings

      The criminal litigation team is composed of practicing lawyers who specialize in all kinds of criminal cases. All of them graduated from first-rate law schools in China. Most of them have master's degree or above in criminal law and criminal procedure law. They have solid professional knowledge and profound theoretical knowledge. Moreover, some of the members have extensive experience in criminal justice work in public agencies, prosecutors, and other state agencies. In the process of long-term practice, the prosecution and criminal litigation team was highly praised by the parties and all sectors of the society for their superb business, highly responsible professional dedication, and good defense effectiveness. As a result, good interpersonal and inter-professional relationships were formed and they have won a good professional reputation in academia and government agencies.

      [Business Scope]

        Accept the appointment of state agencies, enterprises and institutions, and various corporate legal persons to conduct crime prevention and executive criminal risk prevention training;

        At the investigation stage, it provides legal assistance to the parties: meeting with criminal suspects, understanding the status of suspected crimes and related cases, providing legal advice for criminal suspects, applying for criminal suspects pending trial, acting for complaints and accusations;

        At the stage of review and prosecution, defend criminal suspects: review, excerpt, copy relevant litigation documents, technical appraisal materials, meet with and communicate with criminal suspects, investigate and collect relevant evidence materials, and submit relevant opinions to the procuratorial organs;

        Defend the defendant at the trial stage: during the first hearing and second hearing, examine, excerpt, and copy the relevant materials of the case; meet and communicate with the defendant, investigate and collect evidence, attend the court hearing, and put forward the defense opinion that the defendant is not guilty or guilty. ;

        Defend for the defendent during the review phase of the death penalty: meeting and communicating with the defendant, investigating and collecting evidence, and advising the defendant that the defendant was not guilty or guilty of light or should not approve the death penalty;

      [Main achievement]

        Some false capital investment case in Tianjin;

        Some cases of Hebei organization, leadership, and participation in under-world Society;

        Some cases of Guangxi illegally soliciting public deposits;

        A fraud、bribery case in Jiangxi;

        Some cases of tax evasion, forced trading, and extortion in Henan;

        A case of a director of Heilongjiang was suspected of corruption;

        A case of corruption and abuse of power in Nanning;

        The case in Liaoning was suspected of infringing or falsely creating value-added tax invoices.

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