Three New Market

      [Business Scope]

      Restructuring, reorganization, establishment of a stock company

        Assist the company and its recommending securities traders in formulating the restructuring and reorganization plan to determine the main business and asset range of the company. Try to avoid horizontal competition and related transactions;

        After the plan was confirmed, the lawyers began due diligence. Ways to make the best adjustments: Comprehensive and large-scale collection of relevant information of all parties, on-site inspections, conversations with relevant personnel, investigation and verification of related departments, etc.;

        Guide relevant personnel of enterprises, standardize corporate behaviors, and initially establish a framework for modern enterprise systems, and pave the way for the establishment of joint-stock companies;

        Assist enterprises in compiling and signing a series of relevant legal documents such as the sponsors' agreement and the stock company's articles of association;

        The lawyer shall establish one of the necessary legal documents in the application materials for the preparation of the "Legal Opinions" for the establishment of a stock company;

        Assist companies and agencies to prepare application materials and provide professional legal advice on related issues;

        Participate in the establishment of a joint-stock company;

        Other work required by companies and intermediaries.

      Coaching company enters new third market

        Participate in or attend the related meetings of the company to assist the company's senior management personnel and assist the company in drafting the legal documents in the business process;

        Collect relevant information of the stock company, conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation according to law, and compile the “Legal Opinion” for the stock company to enter the new third market;

        Participate in the drafting of the "Transfer Instruction of Share Quotation" and make a fair judgment as to whether there is any legal risk, and put forward specific legal opinions on related issues.

        To issue other relevant legal documents required by the competent authorities according to law;

        Cooperate with various agencies to assist enterprises in compiling and submitting application materials, make them as perfect as possible, and strive to pass the review as soon as possible;

        Complete other work for the company or intermediary agency.

     Targeted financing and continuous disclosure after listing

       Resolve legal issues such as the substantive conditions of the company’s stock quoted transfer and the application procedures;

       Draft, review or amend the articles of association and various special agreements, and propose legal advice or disposal measures on the relevant clauses and contents of the problems;

       To standardize land use rights, housing, intellectual property rights, taxation, creditor's rights and debts, etc., and propose legal advice or disposal measures;

       To regulate related transactions and peer competition matters and to propose legal advice or disposal measures;

       Regulate assets reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, and propose legal advice or disposal measures;

       Conduct due diligence and standardization of the company and its subsidiaries;

     Review recommended listings;

       Review the application documents and related materials provided by the company, and propose legal construction or disposal measures in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations;

       After reviewing the authenticity and legitimacy of all application documents and related materials, issue legal opinions;

       Assist in resolving and handling the relevant requirements and issues of the securities issuance department for this issue.

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