Banking and Finance

      The professional team of Financial Services is composed of senior lawyers, bank legal experts, insurance legal experts, etc., who are proficient in legal knowledge and financial knowledge, and can provide services in various fields such as banking, insurance, and financial derivatives.

      The services that can be provided to customers in financial services include:


        Banking compliance review;

        Commercial loans, syndicated loans;

        Loans from foreign governments, international organizations, transfer of loans;

        Foreign exchange business consulting analysis;

        Import and export credit notes, letters of credit, guarantees, bank factoring business;

        Financial retail business;

        Establishment and merger and acquisition of banking financial institutions;

        Litigation and arbitration of banking financial institutions.


        New insurance legal argumentation;

        Insurance legal training;

        The conclusion and cancellation of insurance contracts;

        Insurance claims;

        Investor risk assessment, cooperation negotiation;

        Insurance company business cooperation negotiation;

        Insurance litigation and arbitration.


        Provide public offerings for trust projects, consult and advice to offshore trusts;

        Issuing legal arrangements for trust arrangements and offshore business trusts;

        Issue and review trust-related legal documents;

        Preparation of a prospectus for the public offering of trust products;

        Provide credit witness legal services;

        Drafting and making trust approval documents;

        Acting trust investment litigation and arbitration.

      [Financial derivatives]

        Financial derivatives risk alert;

        Exchange contract design and listing;

        Exchange Trade Management and Risk Control;

        Financial derivatives transactions and settlements;

        Assist in the management of regulatory agencies;

        Special legal counsel for financial institutions;

        Financial litigation and arbitration.

      [Disposal of non-performing asset]

        Issue corporate distressed debt investigation report and credit investigation report;

        Provide legal evaluation of claims security and putting forward opinions for disposition;

        Participate in negotiations with commercial banks and draw up acquisition agreements;

        Provide legal advice on the feasibility of issuing debt-to-equity swaps;

        Formulate a debt-equity swap implementation plan;

        Assisting asset management companies to withdraw from realizing creditor's rights;

        Assets packaged and sold;

        Implementation of debt restructuring;

        Asset securitization operations;

        Asset replacement, lease, trusteeship, and contracting.

     [Our performance]

       Provided legal services for China Life Insurance;

       Provided legal services for CCB Life Insurance;

       Provided legal services for PICC China People's Insurance to provide major difficult insurance claims disputes;

       Provided legal services for the China Alliance to provide major difficult insurance claims disputes;

       Advised the Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd., Suzhou Branch, and the urban sub-branches under the jurisdiction to provide legal services for the collection of non-performing assets;

       Provided full legal services for the Nanjing Office of China Great Wall Asset Management Corporation;

       Provided non-performing asset recovery services for Bank of China Henan Branch;

       Provided Zhongyuan Bank with non-performing asset recovery services;

       Provided legal services for the collection of non-performing assets for Chongqing Chuanjiu Construction Co., Ltd.;

       Provided Chongqing Bozun Construction Labor Services Co., Ltd. with legal services for collection of non-performing assets;

       Advised Huaxia Banking Corporation Shenyang Branch on the transfer of credit asset claims;

       Provided legal counsel services for the United States Yum! Fu Financial Group Holding Company;

       Provided legal services related to financial non-performing loan claims for state-owned investment management companies;

       Provided legal services for Yunnan Yuntianhua International Chemical Co., Ltd. to clear debts;

       Provided legal services for Guangdong Jiuding Investment Guarantee Co.

       Provided legal services for Jiangsu Rongzhong Investment Guarantee Co.

       Advised China Great Wall Asset Management Co., Ltd. Shenyang Office on litigation recovery;

       Provided legal services for the insurance subrogation recovery case of Tangshan Center Branch of Pingan Insurance;

       Provided legal services for the subrogation of insurance subrogation in the International Business Department of the Tianjin Branch of the People's Insurance Corporation of China;

       Resolved Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Dongshan Sub-branch v. a financial loan contract dispute;

       Cleared the debt for Toyota Motor Finance (China) Co., Ltd.

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