SOE Restructuring

      With its professional and high-quality legal services, Yinghe has become the law firm most closely cooperating with most of China's state-owned enterprises. It has been a leader in the reform of state-owned enterprises. Yinghe lawyers actively participate in the practice of reforming state-owned enterprises and participate in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises as the chief coordinator. They help many state-owned enterprises complete the restructuring of enterprises and property rights transactions, and gradually realize the transformation of enterprises.

    【Business Scope】

        Plan and draft for State-owned enterprise restructuring project;

        State-owned property rights (equity) transfer and transactions;

        Reorganization of assets, personnel, credits and debts during the restructuring of state-owned enterprises;

        Corporate bankruptcy liquidation;

        Corporate bankruptcy reorganization.

 【Main achievements】

        Helped Hebei Heater Co., Ltd. reform and list;

        Helped Tianjin Magneto Motor Co., Ltd. restructure and list;

        Helped Hubei Automobile Radiator Co., Ltd. restructure and list;

        Helped Shanghai Auto Co., Ltd. restructure and list;

        Helped an electromechanical company in Sichuan reform and list.

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