Foreign Direct Investment

      Yinghe has extensive experience in foreign direct investment in China. Yinghe actively participates in foreign direct investment activities in China and has represented many foreign clients in various investment projects in China. The legal services provided throughout the entire investment process have greatly contributed to the localization of foreign companies including multinational corporations. Yinghe lawyers assist clients in designing the most effective transaction structure, assess potential business partners and project locations, and conduct prudential investigations on target companies and assets. In addition, we also help clients draft, review and revise transaction documents, negotiate terms on transaction documents on behalf of clients, prepare government approval documents, and handle various government approval procedures. By virtue of its long-term rich experience in the field of foreign investment, Yinghe lawyers can provide the best solutions to legal issues that may be encountered in various specific projects and maximize the rights and interests of clients.

      [Business Scope]

        Foreign direct investment

        Industry access policy analysis;

        Establish various types of enterprises and institutions;

        Establish foreign investment/holding company for multinational companies;

        Analysis of foreign exchange and capital flow;

        Regional selection of foreign direct investment and comparative analysis of policies;

        Foreign Investment Compliance Services;

        Legal services for the construction of foreign direct investment projects;

        Foreign-invested enterprises operate legal services.

      [Foreign mergers and acquisitions]

        Industry access policy analysis;

        Legal due diligence;

        Transaction structure design and transaction document drafting, reviewing and supporting transaction negotiation;

        The government’s approval of licensing, filing, registration, and exemption issues and consults relevant procedures;

        Assist in the completion of mergers and acquisitions;

        Enterprise Integration after mergers and acquisitions.

      [Main achievements]

        Successfully provided legal services for a company's yacht project;

        Assisted clients in the successful establishment of a commercial factoring company.

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