Overseas Investment

      Along with the implementation of China’s “going out” strategy, Chinese companies’ overseas investment has increased substantially in both scope and number. As a result, Yinghe has also become increasingly globalized. It has established branches or strategic partners in many countries around the world. With its advantages in internationalization, friendly and cooperative relations with overseas countries and regional governments, strategic partnerships with overseas law firms, and rich experience accumulated over the years, Yinghe has the ability to provide effective overseas investment services and solutions and international professional services for Chinese clients. Yinghe has successfully assisted a large number of excellent domestic customers in choosing overseas resources, technologies, brands and markets, and investing overseas.

      [usiness Scope]

        Analysis of the legal environment and legal risks of the country of investment destination;

        Overseas legal due diligence;

        Transaction structure design;

        Drafting and review of transaction documents;

        Commercial negotiation legal support;

        Assist in completing the approval, filing and registration procedures of government departments;

        Coordinating local intermediaries overseas;

        Assist in the completion of mergers and acquisitions financing;

        Issue legal opinions on major issues;

        Compliance operations support after mergers and acquisitions.

      [Main achievements]

        Winteam500 law group successfully provided legal services for a company's yacht project;

        Yinghe provided services for an overseas investment project and is employed as a perennial consultant;

        Winteam500 law group provided cross-border international commercial law services for major multinational corporations in Europe

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