Marriage & Inheritance

      The Marriage Law of China on the property of husband and wife in the marriage relationship is implemented by the legal property system and the contracted property system. The joint property of husband and wife refers to the property jointly owned by the husband and wife during the existence of the husband and wife relationship. The duration of the so-called husband-wife relationship refers to the period of time after the husband and wife get married and before one party dies or divorces.

      [Business Scope]

        Divorce property division;

        Divorced child rearing;

        Uncontested divorce;

        Litigious divorce;

        Foreign-related divorce.

      [Inheritance business scope]

        Inheritance Legal Advisory Service

        Heritage planning

        Witness testimony

        Will keep

        Will Execution

        Heritage investigation and evidence collection

        Inheritance conciliation

        Act for heritage inheritance litigation

        Act for heir to debt settlement arbitration and litigation

        Act for bequest Dispute Litigation

        Act for bequest Parenting Agreement Dispute Litigation