Intellectual Property

      The IPR team is a team of lawyers and agents who combine theoretical and practical experience. The team includes both senior examiners who have worked in the IP Office, examiners of the Patent Reexamination Board, and the Trademark Review of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. The committee's examiners are young and vigorous young lawyers and they are agents with doctoral or master's degrees. They also have a number of double-certified lawyers who have obtained lawyers' licenses and patent agent qualifications. Our professional team of IPR business can provide high-quality legal services for clients in the fields of patents, trademarks, copyrights, high-tech enterprise identification, trade secret protection and brand management.

      The services that can be provided to customers in the intellectual property business include:


        Patent search and analysis;

        Patent application;

        Substantive examination of invention patents;

        Patent review, invalid declaration;

        Patent licensing and transfer;

        Patent administrative proceedings;

        Patent infringement;

        Patent renewal, upgrade;

        Patent customs registration;

        Patent management and strategic analysis;

        Corporate patent counsel.


        Trademark design, inquiry, registration, monitoring;

        Trademark change, transfer, license, renewal;

        Trademark rejections, objections, disputes, revocations;

        Well-known trademark declaration;

        Trademark administrative proceedings;

        Trademark infringement lawsuits;

        Corporate trademark legal counsel.


        Copyright, computer software registration;

        Copyright disputes;

        Computer software disputes;

        Network Propagating right infringement disputes;

        Computer software technology development, cooperation, licensing, transfer contract.

      [High-tech enterprise certification]

        Enterprise evaluation, compliance review

        Enterprise certification application;

        Enterprise certification review;

        Preferential tax policy.

      [Trade Secret Protection]

        Develop business secret protection programs;

        Establish a corporate confidentiality system;

        Trade secret protection legal training;

        Trade secret dispute settlement, litigation.

      [Brand management]


        Brand design;

        Brand management

        Brand Promotion;

        Crisis management.

      [Our performance]

       Provided brand protection services for the China Blue Sky Rescue Team, Blue Sky Rescue International;

       Provided intellectual property protection services for the "innocence China" youth talent program;

       Provided copyright protection legal services for the "China Film Industry Forum";

       Provided legal services for LeEco’s trademark layout in Taiwan;

       Provided intellectual property legal services for State Grid ICT Technology Co., Ltd.;

       Conducted prosecution in the Taiwan trademark or copyright infringement for Japan's well-known SONY, TOYOTA, Sanrio,;

       Provided intellectual property legal services for Microsoft Corporation's intellectual property affairs in South China (DC);

       Provided legal services for the copyright infringement cases of a famous animation brand in China;

       Provided business secret protection legal services for Suzhou YOKO BCT Electronic Co., Ltd.;

       Provided legal protection services for Suzhou AVIC Zhongzheng Automobile Trim Co., Ltd.;

       Provided business secret protection legal services for AQUA WORTH (Suzhou) Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.;

       Provided business secret protection legal services for Huada Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.;

       Provided legal protection services for Suzhou Yuehua Biotechnology Co., Ltd.;

       Provided legal protection services for commercial secrets for the Suxin Environmental Science and Technology Center in Suzhou High-tech Zone;

       Provided legal protection services for Suzhou New District Innovation & Technology Investment Management Co., Ltd.;

       Provides legal protection services for Suzhou National Environmental Protection High-tech Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

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