Maritime Affairs

      The Yinghe Maritime Legal Team is composed of seafaring professional lawyers with excellent education background and rich experience. It has provided numerous domestic and foreign customers with effective results in various related maritime affairs such as international trade, shipping, international settlement and insurance, and high quality service.

      [Business Scope]

        Disputes over the contract of carriage of goods by sea;

        Maritime insurance contract disputes;

        Charter party

        Comprehensive logistics and warehouse receipts;

        Ship agency, freight forwarder;

        Ship collision damage compensation disputes;

        General average disputes;

        Maritime claim preservation (marine evidence preservation, ship seizure, etc.);

        Application and enforcement of maritime injunctions;

        Application for maritime priority claim procedure;

        The establishment and case of a limitation fund for maritime claims liability;

        Ship auctions, cargo auctions;

        Second-hand ship trading, ship mortgage, ship registration;

        Ship construction and financing, ship finance lease;

        Oil pollution and environmental damage;

        Port operations;

        Air transport, railways, land transport, and international multimodal transport;

        Crew service contract disputes;

        Legal services involved in coastal transportation.

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