The legal team of the Department of Land and Legal Affairs is composed of professional lawyers with rich practical experience and case handling skills. It aims to maximize the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the parties and is committed to maintaining social stability and promoting social harmony. It specializes in the transfer of land contract rights. It provides legal services for disputes related to contractual rights, urban village reconstruction, land occupation and requisition, house demolition, land ownership and use rights disputes, and other complicated and difficult cases involving the major interests of the parties. In addition, it has also participated in preparatory work such as demolition and relocation in advance as a legal advisor to government agencies, enterprises, public organizations, village committees, and township enterprises, and has sincerely provided quality legal services to all sectors of society. After many years of practice, Yinghe Land Lawyers team upholds the service concept of “Honesty, Diligence, Professionalism, and Responsibility”, and always adheres to the professional ethics of “honesty, trustworthiness, strict and prudent, diligent and responsible, and out-of-the-money” and thinks about what the parties think. They insist that “worries of the parties concerned and the urgency of the parties concerned” and handled many cases with major social influence and were widely recognized by the society.

      [Business Scope]

        Special consulting services

        Act as a legal advisor for village management organizations, township enterprises, individual farmers, and special land advisors;

        Assist in the application, material reporting, approval, etc. of the agency land;

        Act to participate in and deal with relevant legal activities in the face of land administrative supervision and punishment;

        Other commissioned businesses related to real estate land;

        Act as a perennial legal advisor for corporate entities or as a special legal advisor on land matters;

        Act as a special legal adviser on land affairs for various types of comprehensive development zones, theme development zones and other enterprises.

      [Land expropriation compensation and settlement]

        Provide legal advice, participate in consultations, and assist in the formation of legal documents;

        Act on the application, approval, negotiation, and conclusion of legal documents involving agricultural land development.

      [Transfer of use rights]

      Participate in the negotiation and contracting of land use rights remise and transfer;

      Review relevant legal documents and issue legal opinions on land use rights transfer projects;

      Act for the transfer of land use rights and transfer disputes;

      Act for the company's legal affairs disputes arising from the use of land use rights to enter into capital or shares;

      Participate in relevant legal procedures for the auction of land use rights to avoid omissions in legal procedures;

      Participate in the legal procedures for the exercise of rights such as mortgages, leases, and other rights of land use rights and maintain the rights and interests of the entrusting party.

    [Confirmation of Land rights dispute]

      Mediation of collective organizations and individual farmers’ land ownership, request for administrative settlement, arbitration, and litigation;

      Arbitration and litigation arising from disputes over the use of collective land use rights;

      Participate in the hearings, reconsiderations, administrative litigations of the land administrative law enforcement agencies;

      Litigation of corporate legal affairs disputes arising from the use of land-use rights for capital contributions or shares.

    [City Village Reconstruction]

      Provide legal advice and services for the compensation of house demolition in the transformation of City Village;

      Provide legal advice and services in case of illegal building demolition in City Village;

      Advice and provide services for legal issues arising from the process of “village relocation”.

    [Homestead ownership]

      Assist in homestead application;

      Provide legal advice on the transfer of homestead, homestead transfer, and disputes over small property rights and to file a lawsuit on their behalf;

      Assist in solving rural property inheritance and homestead ownership disputes;

      Assist in solving disputes on neighboring rights.

    [Contracting rights dispute]

      Unclear boundaries of land management rights cause controversy;

      Layers of land were even subcontracted in multiple subcontracts, and some had not been approved by the contractor (villagers committee) of the collective land to cause subcontracting;

      Disputes triggered by economic interests; (1) Exemption from various types of agricultural taxes; (2) Increase in land use value; (3) Land increment, and subcontractors' psychological imbalance due to interests;

      Forcefully terminate legal and effective land contracts or agreements;

      Infringement of rush planting.

    [Contract right circulation]

      Provide legal advice and assist in the review of legal documents;

      Issue legal opinions;

      Participate in land transfer contract negotiations;

      Draft and review circulation contracts to maximally circumvent the legal risks in the process of circulation;

      Deal with arbitration and litigation caused by disputes over land contract rights.

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