Corporate Legal Training

      Winteam500 law group Training Division is composed of a number of professional lawyers and senior legal experts in the industry. It has accumulated rich theoretical and practical experience in corporate legal practice training.

      [Business Scope]

        Listing and Capital Operation Series Courses

        China NASDAQ - New Third Market Listing Operation Practice;

        GEM listing and SME listing operation practices;

        Private equity investment and financing practices;

        Overseas Listing Practices and Offshore Company Arrangements;

        Equity trust investment and financing operation practice;

        The path of leapfrog development of mergers and acquisitions and restructuring

      ​[Corporate Governance and Risk Management Series]

        Listed company equity incentive operation practices;

        Non-listed company's equity operation practices;

      [Equity incentive exit mechanism;]

        Breaking the corporate deadlock : the scramble for corporate management control and risk prevention ;

        The second generation of the creation and private enterprise inheritance;

        Group company comprehensive risk management system construction practice;

        Banking risk management practices;

        Common pitfalls and risk management practices in business contracts;

        Comprehensive risk management practices for e-commerce companies;

        Commercial retail risk management practices.

      [Procurement and Marketing Risk Management Course Series]

        Enterprise procurement process risk management system operation practice;

        Win in collections: cash flow and receivables management, actual technical training;

        Customer complaint hotspots and handling skills;

        Chain, join business model risk prevention;

        Business Marketing Process Risk Management System Operational Practice.

      [Financial Tax Course]

        Business tax to change the value-added tax impact and operational practices;

        Financial Process Risk Management System Operational Practice;

        Cash flow: risk management and value multiplication;

        Enterprise shareholders and senior managers personal income tax planning practice;

        Key audit analysis and risk prevention and control practices;

        Import and export enterprise customs tax management and risk prevention practices;

        High-tech enterprise tax policy interpretation and tax planning practice.

      [Corporate Intellectual Property Management Course Series]

        Overseas operations, brand first - corporate foreign trademark strategy planning and implementation;

        Trademark strategic planning and management - the legal fulcrum for the creation of brand protection boxes;

        Patent protection of corporate scientific and technological achievements.

      [Human Resources Legal Affairs Series]

        Human resource risk management system practices;

        Wages, hours, vacations, overtime management legal practice;

        Termination of labor relations - termination and cancellation of management;

        Legal affairs of labor relations in enterprise mergers and acquisitions;

        Competition restrictions and trade secret protection practices;

        Work-related injury treatment legal practice.

      [Entrepreneurs and Senior Managers Criminal Risk Prevention Series]

        Financial enterprise criminal crime prevention;

        Corporate tax criminal risk prevention;

        How to control the criminal risk of commercial bribery in company operations;

        Corporate directors and supervisors common legal risk prevention;

        Common economic contract fraud and risk prevention;

        Enterprises involved in customs affairs;

        Smuggling behavior and risk prevention.

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