Dispute Resolution

      Yinghe dispute resolution professional team, with rich experience in practice, has represented a large number of major cases with social influence, deeply trusted and praised by customers. In particular, it has accumulated rich practical experience in civil and commercial contract disputes, Supreme Court retrial cases, duty crimes, economic crimes, marriage and family disputes, and product quality disputes.

      The services that can be provided to clients in litigation and arbitration businesses include:

      [Business Scope]

        Criminal business

        Major civil and commercial lawsuits;

        Retrial complaints business;

        Product quality;

        Personal injury;

        Property disputes;

        Major difficult case arguments.

      [Our performance]

       Provided legal services for the intentional killing of G (death sentence with a two-year reprieve and forced labour);

       Provided legal services for a bribery crime and contract fraud of N; (probation);

       Provided legal services for Z (Russian) illegal mining (probation);

       Provided legal services for S to evade taxes (remove cases at the procuratorate stage);

       Provided legal services for a gambling case of L (probation);

       In order to deal with implementation of the telecommunication fraud in Indonesia, provided Xue Mou and Pan Mou criminal agents and defense legal services;

       Acted for the Huadu Rural Credit Cooperatives Association v. Huadu Cement Co., Ltd. to appeal for loan cases and the Supreme People's Court to adjudicate cases (the principal and interest of the total bids exceeded RMB 130 million);

       Provided legal services for Sinda Guangdong Branch v. Guangzhou Jiayu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Kaisa Group (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Guangdong Kaisa Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., and Kaisa Group Holding Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong) Disputes on the Transfer of Creditor's Rights Contract (with a target value of RMB 1.5 billion);

       Represented the Bank of Communications in Guangzhou Branch, Industrial and Commercial Bank of Beijing Road Sub-branch v. Guangzhou Yinjian Commercial Housing Co., Ltd. for a debt dispute of RMB 400 million;

       Acted for the case of reconsideration of disputes over the transfer of creditor's rights between Shenzhen Guiyuan Sub-branch of Ping An Bank and Shenzhen Henghao Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. (with a target value of 10 million);

       Provided litigation and enforcement of legal services for China Development Bank Guangdong Branch;

       Provided litigation and enforcement of legal services for the Guangdong branch of Huarong Asset Management Corporation;

       Beijing Haishu Oriental Investment Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Quanshun Commerce and Trade Co., Ltd., Beijing Ruiboyuan Trading Co., Ltd., and Beijing Donghua Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Project disputes and Supreme Court retrial cases (market capitalization of more than 2 billion shares)

       Provided legal services for retrial for Yujiayuan Real Estate, Longyan City, Fujian Province;

       Provided retrial legal services for Fujian Anfu Real Estate Co., Ltd.;

       Provided retrial legal services for Fuzhou Hongfu Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd..

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