Private Equity

      Yinghe maintains an absolute advantage in the relatively new legal business areas of private equity investment and investment funds. With a well-trained team of professional lawyers who have extensive experience in the field, Winteam500 law group has provided a full range of legal services to a number of well-known domestic and foreign institutional investors, and also assisted many fund-raising companies from starting up and growing, and until the listing. In practice, we can design reasonable frameworks for fund establishment and investment transactions for customers to adapt to China's unique legal and regulatory environment. We have successfully provided innovative legal structures to a large number of clients participating in the establishment and investment transactions of domestic private equity funds and obtained government approval.

      [Business Scope]

        Assist management institutions in setting up various types of investment funds;

        Assist management agencies in designing fundraising proposals;

        Provide comprehensive legal services such as due diligence and transactions for investment in various investment fund projects to assist investment funds in post-investment management;

        Represent companies in private equity financing;

        Assist investment funds to exit projects through mergers and acquisitions, listing, etc.;

        The establishment, change, termination, and liquidation of the fund;

        Closed-end fund's listing and trading;

        The purchase and redemption of open-end funds;

        Trust business other legal business.

        Assist foreign investors in setting up local funds in China;

      [Main achievements]

        Winteam500 law group assisted clients in completing the establishment of two investment funds;

        Winteam500 law group successfully assisted a Beijing company to introduce private equity investment;

        Winteam500 law group assisted in the completion of the establishment of a group fund in Beijing;

        Winteam500 law group assisted a Beijing group to successfully raise the second-stage US dollar fund;

        Winteam500 law group assisted in completing the establishment of a group fund in Hunan.

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