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Whether it is a platform or a law firm, Yinghe has had a strong international gene since the beginning of its establishment. In recent years, Yinghe has also been on the road of internationalization.

A vision

 In the speech at the "2020 Yinghe All-Platform Work Conference", the founding partner of Yinghe Law Group mentioned the cultural background of Yinghe, "All for one, one for all". This sentence was also engraved in the dome of the Swiss Federal Building. Compared with traditional law firms, Yinghe's inclusive mind and win-win cooperation approach aptly show that.

"While traveling to a country in Africa, I met two young people from Huawei. They went there when this country did not establish diplomatic relations with China. When asked about their business progress, they replied,'No one'. I was curious why they were still there." Hao Zhiguang said of his own experience, "They replied,'Huawei has a vision: In the future, wherever there are Chinese, there is Huawei; and wherever there is communication, there is Huawei.'"

 Looking back now, I am deeply impressed. He felt that Huawei's vision seemed same as Yinghe’s . This is not only a company's desire for business territory, but also a manifestation of the social and national responsibility.

a set of data

 According to incomplete statistics,the layout of a certain law group is to possess more than 40 domestic law firms, while the number of global offices is more than 100. However, after years of development, the number of Yinghe’s global law firms has reached more than 500, with business covering 100 countries. There are more than 10,000 professional lawyers, and the scope of services covers various fields, initially forming a global legal service system.

 A group of partners

 Internationally, Yinghe Law Firm has cooperated with Thomson Reuters Asian Legal Business(ALB), Chambers and Partners, China Legal Practice, a certain state-owned bank, and the Belgium Embassy in China. And we will have in-depth exchanges in business contacts and professional seminars

 "International business is not completely isolated. It is based on the domestic business. In the future, I hope that Yinghe law firms can rely on international business and actively utilize the international resources of the headquarters to vigorously expand the international business of the law firm," said Hao Zhiguang.

 A case

 Yinghe's international business has various forms. For example, in a case involving a cross-border mortgage guarantee, a domestic client has completed the domestic legal service process and hopes to find a guarantor abroad whose assets are in Tasmania. Facing such a case of domestic lending and overseas guarantee, it requires the cooperation of domestic and international lawyers.

To sum up, facing the huge ocean of international legal services, the International Center of the headquarters will fully support Yinghe law firms in developing international business, including formulating relevant docking mechanisms and procedures, and holding international learning and exchange activities. Yinghe's international business has an immeasurable future space. Concentrating on its advantages and finding the right way to win, Yinghe's future is more imaginative in the face of the larger international market.

Yinghe law group (hereinafter referred to as“Yinghe”) was founded in December, 2013, with Headquarters locating in Beijing, capital of China. Yinghe is committed to be an agency providing comprehensive legal service and a platform operated in internet model.

With the guidance of internet spirit and mission of optimizing and changing lawyers profession, Yinghe promotes the legal trade efficiency by technology that bases on platformization, digitization, transition and integration.

Yinghe has hitherto established and developed over 500 law firms worldwide, provided legal services around 100 countries and regions with over 10,000 professional lawyers. A global law service system has been initially formed in all fields.

In the future, Yinghe will complete the global network with thousands of law firms and the digital legal platform with tens of thousands of lawyers. The monolith of legal union will benefit everyone by offering legal services.

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