Beijing Yinghe was listed on “Top 30 China Domestic”by 2020 ALB CHINA. Sun Zaichen:“Only by continuous improvement can we not be eliminated.”
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On November 20th, the cutting-edge legal magazine of Thomson Reuters and one of the world’s most influential legal media, "Asian Legal Business (ALB)" announced the 2020 ALB "Top 30 China Domestic " and "Top 30 China International" lists.

It is reported that this list has counted the number of partners/legal advisers/lawyers in the Law Firm Asia Office. With the advantages of the number of partners in the Asian office and the total number of legal advisers, Beijing Yinghe jumped onto the list, proving that it is correct for the law firm and its legal platform to move towards specialization, internationalization, and large scale. It also proved that Yinghe has rich experience and extensive knowledge.

As ALB said in the list report, the Chinese lawyer industry is developing rapidly. Law firms are also moving towards large-scale development at a faster pace, and constantly improve the management system, strengthen professional construction, and actively cultivate talents in order to seek a long-term sustainable development.

The advantages that scale brings to the development of law firms are undoubtedly huge, but at the same time it also contains new challenges. How to maintain professionalism while developing on a large scale? How to balance the relationship between headquarters and branch offices? How to manage a large team and cultivate all kinds of talents? With these questions in mind, ALB interviewed some of the law firms on the list to listen to their insights.

Interview Record

The following is a record of our interview with Sun Zaichen, the founding partner and the head of the headquarters of Yinghe Law Firm.

Q1:How would you say the coronavirus pandemic impacted the firm? What are the key lessons you have drawn from it

A:Since the beginning of this year, the COVID-19 has raged, affecting and impacting law firms in terms of client communication, lawyer practice, and law firm management. First of all, meeting with customers has become a luxury, and business meetings and direct meetings have been greatly reduced. In the practice of lawyers, the uncertainty of government departments' handling prescription has increased, and court hearings time has been postponed.

In my opinion, the most important experience is that in terms of law firm management, online collaboration, remote case handling, and cloud management have become the new normal under the COVID-19. The KindleLaw system we use integrates online and offline, using 90 million legal big data as support, giving lawyers a complete set of weapons for individual combat, which is of great benefit to improving the overall efficiency of lawyers and law firms.

Q2How would you describe the firm’s growth strategy at this point? How do you see it evolving as a result of the pandemic and/or prevailing market conditions?

AYinghe has bucked the trend this year, not only expanding the office space, but also expanding the field of practice, increasing the number of lawyers and partners. The COVID-19 is an impact on all walks of life, but why Yinghe can continue to develop at a high speed despite changes in the external environment is inseparable from Yinghe's internal Internet genes. Yinghe's strategy is still to continue to innovate, be open and inclusive, embrace change, and cooperate for a win-win situation. In the future, it will build a legal service organization with global influence.

Q3:What are the key ingredients to becoming a top Chinese law firm in the current business climate? Which ones do you currently possess, and which ones are you working on improving in?

ALaw firms and lawyers are practitioners and pioneers in the legal industry. We have been at the forefront in deeply participating in legal services in the Internet era and providing professional services to the vast majority of clients. At the same time, Yinghe has also noticed that with the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and electronic contracting, it is necessary to make more use of contemporary technology, and give full play to the advantages of ABC (Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud computing), and further Improve our service level and efficiency.

Q4:Are there specific international law firm best practices that you aspire to at the moment? At the same time, do you feel Chinese law firms like yours do better than their international counterparts in certain areas?

A:I have visited some international law firms, including the century-old traditional law firm in the United Kingdom and the emerging cloud law firm in the United States. I think the historical accumulation and the self-confidence are difficult to replicate, but advanced management techniques such as telecommuting, dispatching lawyers and large database support is worth learning.

At the same time, Chinese law firms are developing rapidly in the tide of reform and opening-up, and are overtaking on corners in the Internet era.Chinese law firms have actually been ahead of the world in the field of  electronic signing, mobile office and software support with the rapid development of Tencent, Ali, Huawei and other TMT companies.

From another perspective, the gap of Chinese law needs to be further bridged. In a country with the size and population like China, to prompt law-based governance requires the efforts of all members of the society. Yinghe has also worked hard to explore at this point. We promoted the activities of sending law to the countryside, and planted Yinghe's lawyers and flags in China's urban and rural areas and streets and alleys. We hope that where there are lawyers, there will be Yinghe. Such public legal services are of great social value and significance.

Q5:How important is marketing and raising brand awareness to you? What kind of strategy have you put in place to achieve this?

A:Legal service is essentially a professional service. From the perspective of the service industry, marketing and branding are as important as service quality. Yinghe firstly set up an operation and brand team to open up external publicity channels in multiple ports.

Secondly, Yinghe also hired a specialized marketing and brand building consulting company to design more targeted and acceptable marketing programs.

Q6:The one thing that can make or break any law firm is its clientele (or lack thereof). What are your plans for attracting and retaining clients? How do you feel your clients are inspiring you to improve specific aspects of your firm?

A:I agree with the concept of client volume. Finding and maintain sources are both the keys to the development of law firms. In the short period of development, Yinghe has won major clients such as major banks and TMT head companies. At the same time, it has also expanded legal services in various fields such as wealth inheritance, non-performing asset management, commercial account collection, intellectual property and foreign-related businesses. With the development of the internet, Yinghe has inherent advantages in expanding businesses.

However, we have also noticed that customer demands for services are always increasing, so we must continue to work hard in customer maintenance. And Yinghe itself must continue to develop to be more professional, more extensive and more efficient. In addition to  the three major highlights of Yinghe, which are integration of offline and online, domestic and international integration,there is the integration of legal affairs and business. We hope to Make Yinghe into an ecosystem, and even achieve full coverage of corporate legal, tax, and financial services in order to form a resource integration body to jointly empower the enterprise.

Q7:What does the term “future-ready” mean to you? What are you doing to make sure you are future-ready?

A: Return to the first topic, Yinghe's philosophy is "The only constant is change." This year's COVID-19 has sounded a wake-up call for all industries, and any complacency will lead to regress. Always having alternatives is one of Yinghe people's codes.

From the perspective of law firms, changes in the future will become faster and faster, and many industries will emerge while other industries will  disappear. As a manager, we must continue to learn and adapt to changes; and the law firms must constantly introduce fresh blood, constantly explore new fields, and constantly learn leading technology. Only by continuous improvement can we not be eliminated.

Finally, I would like to thank ALB for your attention and support to Yinghe. I hope that we will work together to build a better legal industry, share advanced management concepts, and win a better life in the future!

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