Winteam500 law group (hereinafter referred to as “winteam”) is an agency providing comprehensive legal service and a platform operated in Internet model. With the integration of domestic and international affairs, online and offline lines, legal affairs and business, Winteam has established a set of legal service system with its own characteristics by taking the spirit of the Internet as its development orientation. After four years of development, Winteam has established more than 100 law firms at home and abroad and established 15 professional committees with services in various fields. In the future, Winteam will complete the global network of 500 law firms and create a global legal service platform with tens of thousands of lawyers.

    The team concept of openness, equality, collaboration, and sharing was integrated into every aspect of the service, winning the praise of internal lawyers, external customers and partners, and enjoying a high reputation in the industry. With the advanced service concept, and an efficient execution team, Winteam quickly achieved the promotion of the brand's initial stage. Currently there are offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xiamen, Changchun, Changsha, Hangzhou, Kunming, Urumqi, Xinxiang, Zhenjiang, Baotou, Xi'an, Fuzhou, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Yancheng, Baoding, Chaoyang, Shijiazhuang , Chongqing, Yinchuan, Zhengzhou, Tongliao, Longyan, Guiyang, Suzhou, Taipei, Kunshan, Jinan, Wuxi, Dali, Huizhou, Yuncheng, Chaozhou, Handan, Yulin, Shangrao, Lanzhou, Ganzhou, Nanning, Dongying, Quanzhou, Yan'an, Cixi , Danyang, Dalian, Fuyang, Suqian, Liaocheng, Changzhou, Tai'an, Karamay, Zhongshan, Linyi, Ezhou, Yantai, Xuzhou, Shangqiu, Guangyuan, Zhuhai, Taizhou, Anshan, Guang'an, Luliang, Fuyang, Zhaoqing, Wenling, Sanmenxia, Xingtai , Nantong, Harbin, Huai'an, Dongguan, Nanjing, Xining, Xianning, Jincheng, Anyang, Bazhou, Weifang, Zhangzhou, Huanggang, Dezhou, Quzhou, etc. More than 100 law firms are operating throughout the country. And we set law firms in Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany , Italy, Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Laos, and more countries and regions, with domestic and international integration, complementary resources to promote global legal resources integration. In the future, Winteam will complete the global network of 500 law firms and create a global legal service platform with tens of thousands of lawyers.

    Winteam insists on the development of "people-oriented" talent strategy, and Winteam founding partners are senior lawyers with extensive industry experience, all played important roles in the Asia-Pacific region's largest law firms. At the same time, Winteam focuses on talents introduction, and it has a large number of professional lawyers, operations management talents, and brand planning talents. The team is also dedicated to improving and optimizing the overall eco-environment of the legal profession while deepening its service. Winteam lawyers are exploring a new path for the healthy development of the industry as a whole.

    Winteam focuses on providing legal services. It always puts the interests of customers first, providing professional, comprehensive, pragmatic legal and business solutions for domestic and foreign customers in a timely manner. The professional areas of Winteam include: corporate comprehensive business, corporate acquisitions, mergers and reorganizations, securities and capital markets, private equity and investment funds, state-owned enterprise restructuring and equity transactions, banking and finance, foreign direct investment and foreign capital mergers and acquisitions, overseas investment, Antitrust and national security review, taxation, international trade, international trade remedy and WTO business, maritime commercial and maritime affairs, intellectual property rights, real estate and construction projects, mining, energy and natural resources, litigation and arbitration, criminal defense, etc.

Winteam has established 15professional committees, which are:

       Capital and Securities Professional Committee, Director: Pei Hongbo (Beijing), Deputy Director: Liu Taixiang (Chaozhou), Zhang Hao (Shanghai), Zhang Wei (Shenzhen);

       Construction Real Estate Professional Committee, Director: Lin Rencong (Nanning), Deputy Directors: Sun Xingyang (Hangzhou), Mao Hewen (Beijing), Wang Jun (Dali), Wang Shenghe (Baoding), Pan Rudong (Taizhou), Guan Miaoxiang (Nanning), Secretary General : Wei Liang (Shanghai);

       Criminal Professional Committee, Consultant: Gao Zhihua (Chaoyang), Director: Ma Ziwei (Guiyang), Deputy Directors: Jia Yanzheng (Linyi), Zhang Chengwei (Harbin), Xiao Haifeng (Shenzhen), Xue Chaohui (Zhongshan), Xue Fengyan (Dongguan) Hu Qunhui (Chengdu), Zhang Xiongfei (Xiamen), Secretary-General: Xie Xiaorui (Shanghai);

       Legal Advisory Committee, Director: Wang Ninggang (Yinchuan), Deputy Directors: Wang Yongsheng (Yuncheng), Jinwen (Danyang), An Zhiguo (Lanzhou), Zhang Yeqing (Wenling), Zou Jun (Yantai), Yang Xiaohua (Guangan), Cui Shusen ( Yanan), Xiao Shuhui (Chengdu), Secretary-General: Yang Shiyu (Shenzhen);

       Commercial Dispute Resolution Professional Committee, Director: Ye Daoming (Fuzhou), Deputy Directors: Chen Weiwei (Yancheng), Liu Hongbo (Baotou), Lei Lei (Shenyang), Li Liang (Xiamen), Zheng Dapeng (Shanghai), Secretary-General: Wang Xiaobing (Fuzhou) );

       Bankruptcy and Liquidation Professional Committee, Director: Zhang Jianlin (Suzhou), Deputy Director: Peng Jinfeng (Kunshan), Yang Zhi (Wuhan);  

       Urban Renewal and “Three Old” Transformation Professional Committee, Director: Yu Zhaosheng (Shenzhen), Deputy Director: Li Jun (Huizhou), Secretary-General: Yang Xialin (Yinchuan);

       Financial and Insurance Professional Committee, Director: Shen Wei (Beijing), Deputy Directors: Ran Jin (Shanghai), Hu Mingchun (Tianjin), Wang Wei (Yantai), Secretary-General: Dong Guoqiang (Xinxiang);

       Non-performing Assets Professional Committee, Director: Du Chenghua (Guangzhou), Deputy Directors: Tao Fengying (Shijiazhuang), Qiu Bo (Zhengzhou), She Yong (Xuzhou), Han Yonggang (Tai'an), Liu Bo (Deputy Director and Secretary-General) (Shanghai) ;

       Infrastructure and PPP Professional Committee, Director: Wang Jinmin (Shanghai), Deputy Directors: Zhao Hongyan (Xi'an), Li Jianbo (Changsha), Zheng Changhong (Dalian), Deputy Secretary-General: Sun Xiujuan (Kunming), Yang Zhi (Wuhan), Hao Xiaozan ( Shanghai), Zeng Chaoyang (Changsha), Zhen Junhui (Shenyang);

       Labor Law Professional Committee, Director: Yu Bo (Changchun), Deputy Directors: Duan Haiyu (Shenzhen), Li Boxun (Baoding), Li Jianli (Yantai), Wang Juan (Beijing);

       Family Wealth Integrity Committee, Director: Lin Bing (Shenzhen), Deputy Directors: Wang Jinbing (Shenyang), Zhao Dawei (Zhengzhou), Fang Jie (Shanghai), Ding Ping (Yancheng), Zhang Wenhui (Tai'an), Huang Rong (Kunming), and Li Haiming (Lanzhou), Secretary-General: Huang Lina (Shenzhen), Deputy Secretary-General: Lin Yubing (Shenzhen), Kang Xuesong (Shenzhen), and Chen Wenfei (Fuzhou).

       Equity Governance Professional Committee, Director: Dong Dongdong

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