​In order to quickly complete the country's strategic layout, Winteam is fully launching the construction of local law firms in first-tier, second-tier and third-tier cities nationwide. With the integration of domestic and international affairs, integration of online and offline lines, and integration of legal affairs and business, Winteam has established a set of legal service system with its own characteristics by taking the spirit of the Internet as its development orientation. After four years of development, Winteam has established more than 100 law firms at home and abroad and established 15 professional committees with services in various fields. In the future, Winteam will complete the global network of 500 law firms and create a global legal service platform with tens of thousands of lawyers.

一、The layout of domestic law firms:

二、Welcome to join:

               Winteam Operations Center

               Cooperation Hotline: 010-87777502

               E-mail: yinghe@winteam500.com

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               "King&Capital" special law firm

               Beijing Municipal Administrative Unit 2017-2019 Legal Fixed-Point Unit

               Vice President of unit of China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises

               National Designated Legal Support Unit

               Top-ten Law Firm

               National Legal Strategic Cooperation Unit

               Cooperate Publishing

               "Real Estate Mortgage System Research": Mao Hewen

               "Whose youth is not blood" Author: Dong Dongdong

               "China Real Estate Case fine solution" Author: Mao Hewen Mao Dingyun

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